alright, here it goes... the resolutions:

take more real photos: as you may have noticed, my blog alternates between photos of good quality and not-so-good-quality. my not-so-good-quality photos are usually from my iphone and taken using the instagram app. i love instagram and i love having my iphone, but i have a pretty nice camera, and when i look at the photos that it takes i do love the quality. i want to start using the camera more and taking some better quality photos. i know that i won't always have my camera around to capture each moment that i want, and so my iphone will still always be there (thank goodness!), but i want to make a habit to carry my camera with me and use it more.

eat better: i would like to start getting more raw veggies into my diet and eating less bread, and less sweets. i am not saying no sweets and no bread, just less of it and more raw veggies. i splurged on a juicer using some money that was given to me during christmas and i plan on making fresh juices for breakfast. so far i have experimented with kale, apples, pears, blueberries, celery, and carrots. i really want to try a tomato and spinach combo with a bit of celery, and maybe a little apple. i would like to drink juice for one meal a day, most likely to be breakfast as it has been the meal i am most likely to skip and juice is a good light meal which i tend to favor in the morning.

buy less: i would like to stop buying so much stuff that i hardly ever use and maybe just invest in a few items that i know i will really cherish and will last me a long time. this goes for clothing, home goods, ect... the goal here is to not make impulse buys just because i think i want it or need it, and to really think about how i will use something and if it is worth it for me to buy it. and then to consider really investing in something that will last versus something to get me by. if i am just going to buy something to get me by it might not be even worth having.

take better care of my body: before i had chloe i never realized how much time i spent taking care of myself. going to the gym, getting a mani and pedi, washing my face and hair. it seems that since chloe has been born there has been some re-prioritizing, which is to be expected when you have kids. but i feel like i am letting myself go a bit, and i am lucky now if i get to shave my legs once a week (my poor husband!). this next year i would like to make it important to make a little time to take care of myself. i am looking on craigslist for a cheap stationary bike or motorless treadmill and plan to wake up a half an hour early to get in a little exercise, a shower and some mascara.

read more books: with chloe, and without chloe. although christian and i already read to chloe every day, i would like to read with her even more and try to get some longer stories in. i am impressed and surprised at how her attention span, and love for books has grown in the past couple months. i want to spend more time fueling her love for books. also, i want to try to read more myself. i would like to take a little time each day while chloe is playing or reading to read a little myself. i am also playing with the idea of some audio books to listen to while i do my housework and work on my crafts... just as a practical way to enjoy books while still doing other things.

grow rockwell handmade: just two months ago i launched a little web store and etsy site called "rockwell handmade" i make men's bow-ties and women's  peter-pan collars to match, and i also made some dolls from patterns i had used in the past. during the process of making these items i got more and more inspired and starting making my own patterns. the more i create the more i am inspired. my husband and i moved my little operation into my attic and out of our dinning room last week.  i have a ton of ideas, some great studio space, and just need to make some coffee and get myself going. i want to grow this little hobby into a very small business over the next year with more products and my own doll designs... and i am so excited to do it.

go on more adventures: when you are a new mom it is easy to tell yourself that you need to take it easy and hold off on going on vacations or adventures with your baby. that they are too young and it won't be enjoyable to take them out. well, the more i take chloe on adventures with me the more i find that i love having her along with me and that she really thrives when she is taken out a couple times a week. it is more enjoyable to have her with me and she adapts to new surroundings and situations pretty well as long as i get her to take a nap during a car ride or in her stroller. i plan on taking her on more trips and adventures and documenting all of it for her with photos... starting this weekend :)

more blogging: i want to blog more often and create better quality, and more streamlined posts. i am one of those people that thinks through things... a lot. it is easy for me to over-think what i want to write about and to scrutinize every detail of a post until i just get tired and don't post it... while i do use this blog to write about the things that lay heavy on my heart and make my soul leap for joy, the purpose of this blog is to document the life and happenings of my family. it is a lifestyle blog - a way for me to relish and share what is going on in our lives day to day. i would like to use my real camera, and make it an exercise to just post a little bit of content,
more often... there will still be some longer posts, but i really want to make it a point to post more often even if i am just posting a little bit of our day.

so let it begin! 2013 i am ready for you and all you have to offer.




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