mornings via my iphone

just a little bit of chloe that was captured on my iphone. we have been enjoying a little bit of peace and quiet during the end of 2012. yesterday we got a tiny bit of snow here in philly. it melted before naptime was over, but it was still pretty to look at through the window. today i plan on finishing up some ornaments i meant to give at christmas (crafting fail!), and taking a little walk with chloe. i should try to make it to joann's to grab some supplies, but we will see how it all the end of the year it just feels right to rest and be a tiny bit lazy before a new year begins, yes? hope the end of 2012 is being good to you. are you thinking of new years resolutions yet? I plan to share mine with you soon!

a jessie doll that she has been carrying around almost as much as her woody doll

a little kitchenette

carrying around cranberries she lifted from mom-mom's house - oops!

this should have been our christmas card!

shoppin' with da-da

and french-fries with momma

coloring and looking cool


and dancing when her favorite Bon Iver song comes on

*all photos taken with my iphone. actually, this whole post was written and published with my iphone.. not too shabby.


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