we've all been sick! stuffy noses, coughing, feeling icky. so not blogging, but just trying to get by.

i have been sewing like a crazy woman to get christmas orders done - as someone that is new to selling, christmas season is suddenly very, very busy.

i am thankful for all the support of family, friends, and everyone who has been supporting rockwell handmade.

we have been celebrating the christmas season with a hand-made advent calendar. every day my heart is warmed by opening up a little gift with chloe.

i have taken a couple nights off to enjoy a sufjan stevens concert, and some cuddling on the sofa with the husband while watching some netflix (skip seeing "seeking a friend for the end of the world", and instead rent "safety not guaranteed" - trust me!).

i have been making ALOT of soup.... chicken noodle, french onion, minestrone. soup is just so good in the winter.

chloe has been saying more and more words... and putting them together to make little sentences!!! so fun to hear her "read" a book and be able to make out the words. yeah, i am a little bit of a proud mama.

we still haven't decided on fake tree vs. real tree. with a toddler, which is better?

i have realized that new dresses usually just aren't made for short little skinny-fat girls like me, and i am so much happier with the fit and make of vintage dresses - just purchased this one and cannot wait to wear it for christmas!

hope your holiday season is off to a great start! do you have any special traditions? this is our first year doing an advent calendar, but we also love to spend an entire day making cookies, make our own ornaments, and i have been itching to sing christmas carols for months - anyone want to join me?


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