flash-back friday : ghosts of christmas past

so, i was digging through some old photos and came across some from christmases of my child-hood. lucky. you.

i decided that i will share one each week on friday, as a type of flash-back friday feature. i don't know about you, but i love flash-back posts. there is something delightfully awkward and amusing about looking at photos of another person's childhood. when i look at child-hood photos of others i feel like it gives me a little deeper understanding of that person, and allows me to literally see into their past. it's as though the child-hood photos allow me to better bond with the other person, and makes me realize that no-matter who they are now, we did share a magical, awkward, and funny period of life called child-hood.

also, on fridays i usually need to go to work at night - not making dolls, the other gig. so i don't have much time to blog.

this photo needs to be 1999. i am saying that because there are seven of us, and my youngest sister was born in january of 2000. this is from our home in frankford. the little row-home with the ugly sofa that we had for too many years because it just is not worth buying anything very nice when you have seven or eight children running around the house.that furniture was sturdy, and easy to recover. my hair was short then, maggie's hair was still toddlermulletesque. i think justin still had a pony-tail under his cap. this may have been the year that my brother daniel went to kindegarten and shoved stickers up another little boy's nose, just to see if he could. sam is holding what looks to be a terminator figurine, which was probably left over from the 80s.

and then there is the red-heads. i always told my mother there was something about her red-headed children. there are three red-heads in my family, my brother and sister in this photo and the baby of the family. the red-heads are quirkier, funnier, and each seem to get into more trouble and have more adventures than the rest of us can ever dig up collectively. i love how my youngest brother, caleb, looks like a red-headed elf.

caleb has always reminded me of an elf. not too much has changed.


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