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rockwell handmade, my new little online shop opened up this morning.  i am excited. i am scared. i am satisfied with it, and at the same time i am already thinking of more products, discovering more ways to sell, thinking about what the next step is. i have been sewing and crafting since i can remember, but i never really considered selling the things that i create until recently. why?

one reason is because i really do value the things that i make. the time i spend making things is time that i spend not sleeping (if anyone out there has a young child, or children, then you know how precious sleeping time is). the time i spend making things is also time i get to stay at home, and not go to my "real job" - so that is pretty nice. given the choice i would much rather stay home and craft or sew all night than go to my "real job". but the time that i put into the things that i make is time that i could be spending sleeping, cleaning my home, picking up time at the "real job", etc. how could i put a price on that time? for a long time i didn't believe i could, so i would only give away the things that i make. i love giving hand-made things. i love when others value the time and thought that i have put into something i have made . for me there are few things sweeter in life.

that is my next reason: i put a lot of thought into the things that i make. i pick out materials that i love, and that i think others will love. often the things that i make are due to not being able to find something that i am looking for, or not being able to find something of the quality that i want. i get ideas into my head about how i want something to look, to feel. i think about how this object is going to make the recipient feel. i spend time looking at things around me, and use that inspiration to create something that i believe is going to make someone else happy. the creating and thinking process is invigorating to me, and usually spurs on more ideas and dreams. but how do you put a price on your ideas or the thought you put into something? not easy to do. much easier to give these things that you have created so specifically for the recipient, hoping that they are going to love it. when you can see that they love what you have created for them, you as the creator feel loved.

but what about when you are making something without knowing the recipient? what happens when you are producing multiple items without knowing if they are going to be loved? what if your time is not valued? what happens if others don't think what you have made is worth it?


growing up my mother sewed and crafted. i loved watching her and there is no doubt that she has influenced my love for handmade goods - buying them, making them, giving them. she might have had one craft show ever, and she never really sold her things. however, she gifted her items, and they were cherished. my favorite rag doll, my brother's stuffed humpty-dumpty that matched his easter outfit (oh yeah, she also made our easter outfits growing up), quilts, reindeer dolls with tiny little denim coats - items that were special, unique, and in many ways "priceless".

the other night while sitting at the dining room table, which has been taken over by my sewing machine, chloe came over and wanted to sit with me. i held her on my lap as i finished sewing a batch of ties. she watched patiently and quietly, not even trying to touch the material. she was mesmerized. i want my daughter, and my future children, to grow up with a love for creating. i want them to value the things that they create and strive to make those things the best they possibly can. i want them to value quality.

therefore, i must value quality things, and strive to make things the best i can. and i must be willing to allow others to value the things i create, therefore i am selling them.

and i hope the things i make and sell are loved.

below are some of the things i have created in the past:




1 : my "jude doll" that i made for my nephew last christmas. 2 : knit striped long mittens lined with the softest vintage mint floral flannel. 3 : a knit heart i made for christian for our first valentines day.

much love to all of you this week!


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