happy thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving! do you have any special plans? any holiday traditions? traveling? staying in? i hope wherever you are that you have a great holiday.

this morning we got up early and ran out the door to get to the philadelphia thanksgiving day parade. although i have lived in philadelphia for the majority of my life, it was my first year going to the parade, and i loved it - so did chloe! i baked some scones last night, brought them along for breakfast, two of my brothers joined us, and we sipped hot chocolate as we took in the marching bands, floats, and balloons. we will need to do this again! but, right now my chloe is napping, christmas music is playing, my house is messy, i am shaking out scone crumbs from clothing, shoes, my hair (thanks chloe!), and the stroller. i have a little beet salad set out that i picked up from the store (along with some pre-roasted turkey breast!) and some diet coke, christian should be home in just a few hours, and still nothing is made.

and i am very happy, and content, and thankful. 

this is the first year i can remember just spending the holiday at home with my immediate family and it seems very intimate and special. i do love big family dinner's, entertaining, and visiting, but every now and then i think that having a very small, very quiet, and very low-key holiday is kinda special. 

i am thankful for my husband, family, home, friends, job, the sparkle in chloe's eyes as her mind was blown when seeing mickey and minnie in the parade this morning , and beet salad gosh darnit!

i have been spending some time this week thinking about thanksgivings past, and have some stories to share - i plan on sharing some on the blog tomorrow, as well as some more photos from this thanksgiving. i have a little christmas ornament tutorial coming along that i will be posting soon, and  oh yeah, i am also planning to add a bunch of new things to my shop, rockwell handmade, as well as a giveaway and black friday through cyber monday sale!!! 

once again, happy thanksgiving friends! i wish you all the very best, and i am thankful for all of you!


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