happy halloween

every year the day creeps up on me and then all of the sudden it is gone. growing up in a very religious family, we never celebrated the holiday, or gave out candy... so when kids start showing up on our street by four-thirty in the afternoon i am always caught a little off guard. thank goodness christian is a seasoned halloweener. we spent the evening hanging out on our porch and handing out halloween candy with some friends. 

chloe was a cute little hobo for halloween this year (after she refused to wear a wig, thus ruining my plans of making her into a mini marilyn monroe) and we walked her to some of our neighbors homes for some trick-or-treating. it was her first time really eating candy, and she LOVED it. 

i think that a small part of me always wanted to become a momma so i could make halloween costumes for my babies. there are some pretty amazing costumes out there to buy, but there is something about a home-made costume... i have a feeling we have a lot of home-made costumes in our future.

we all ate our fill of candy, and when my little hobo was finally asleep we watched "abraham lincoln: vampire hunter".  it was a good night.

we hope your holiday was fun and safe! i cannot believe it is already november...


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