the past few days...

we have been pretty quiet, cozy, and grateful over the past couple few days. sandy seemed to blow right over us without causing too much harm to us or anyone we know. we are counting ourselves lucky here in our home, and our thoughts are with those who have been affected by this storm. while we were very fortunate, we know that not everyone was.

i made my way to and from work on sunday and monday, and both nights were quiet and as uneventful as i could have hoped for. during the days we kept ourselves warm and happy with episodes of peanuts, nice afternoon naps, and sour cream pancakes. today we got ourselves dressed and ran out to grab some halloween candy and a few necessities. we are thinking that with so many people being cooped up in their homes for the past few days, we may see more trick-or-treaters than usual.

below are some photos from our weekend. keep safe friends.

*all photos taken with my iphone


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