tales from the thrift...

today i just happened to come across a little thrift shop that i had heard about before, but never actually visited. i could not just drive on, so despite my sleeping toddler i stopped, carefully placed her in the front carrier and tiptoed in, hoping she would continue to nap. she did.

although it was a wee bit overpriced (i still cannot get over how overpriced thrift stores are becoming!), i did manage to grab a dr. seuss and a sendzak book, as well as yards of amazing vintage material, including a silky lining material with ponies on it!! i was beyond excited. i explored the rest of the shop and then caught myself eavesdropping, accidentally, on one of the most interesting conversations i have heard in a while. the conversation was between two volunteers and one of the sale-persons working with them. i felt slightly guilty listening in, but just too drawn in and entertained that i could not stop. as i listened, and pretending to earnestly peruse the racks, i found myself becoming emotionally involved with the three women: relating to them, sympathizing with them, laughing with them, angry with them, even wanting to hug one of them. i wish i could bring myself to write about the conversation, but i feel it just is not my conversation to share with the entire world - i feel guilty enough about listening in on it. the conversation will not be forgotten any time soon, and i plan on returning to this new little treasure of a shop next week, anyone want to join me?

do you ever find yourself listening to the public conversations of others? do you ever wonder what people are thinking when they are listening to you?
the top photo is what we brought home... the other two are ones i sent to my husband, trying to convince him we needed them in our home. that typewriter almost made it home with me, if it hadn't been out of my price range.

do you thrift? do you have any items that you look specifically for? i am always on the hunt for cute vintage children's books and clothes, funky postcards, fabric, and unexpected little treasures that i just cannot bear to leave behind.

*all the above photos are from my iphone and edited using vsco cam.


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