the past few days...

we have been pretty quiet, cozy, and grateful over the past couple few days. sandy seemed to blow right over us without causing too much harm to us or anyone we know. we are counting ourselves lucky here in our home, and our thoughts are with those who have been affected by this storm. while we were very fortunate, we know that not everyone was.

i made my way to and from work on sunday and monday, and both nights were quiet and as uneventful as i could have hoped for. during the days we kept ourselves warm and happy with episodes of peanuts, nice afternoon naps, and sour cream pancakes. today we got ourselves dressed and ran out to grab some halloween candy and a few necessities. we are thinking that with so many people being cooped up in their homes for the past few days, we may see more trick-or-treaters than usual.

below are some photos from our weekend. keep safe friends.

*all photos taken with my iphone

words by chloe

"The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice" - Peggy O'Mara

it has been a while since i have posted anything about chloe. she is doing great, growing too fast, and christian and i find ourselves more and more in love with her each day. she is almost 18 months old, and has started to look less and less like a baby to me, and more like a toddler - her chunky leg, arm, and neck rolls are thinning away, her hair is getting thicker and growing longer, and she now walks, runs, jumps, and climbs like it's all old news. she is growing up, and while i applaud her every day on her latest achievements and love to share her new discoveries, there is part of me that whispers every night as i put her to bed "slow down my baby".
 one of the funnest developments has been language. her first word was "shoes", said when she was about eleven months old. then came "da-da", "kisses", "no", "doggy", "kitty cat", "leah", and then finally "momma".  there are some words she has said only a couple times, that i would like her to say more, but she keeps to her self, such as "thank you". her favorite words right now are "ball" (which means any round object), "choo-choo" (sounds referring to objects are words, right?), and as of today "WOW". she likes to say it loud and with an inflection of surprise in her voice - "WOW".  

a "ball"

many "balls"


the paradox of parenting is that you start with a baby, and as hard as it is to watch them grow up, and not be a baby anymore, it is also so enjoyable to be able to so closely watch this little person develop. i never realized until i became a parent how much pressure there is placed on parents to have their child develop quickly. it seems like parents want their children to walk, talk, add and subtract, and start school so early. don't get me wrong, i am already planning for her to take music lessons, learn a second language, and even take saturday art classes with me when she is old enough, but right now it just seems like any pressure to do anything more than what she is doing is silly, and might even be sending her the wrong message. because everything that she is doing is enough, and each try, success, and discovery is something to celebrate with her - not force on her.  

i am not a child expert, nor do i claim to be, but as a new parent i have seen how easy it is to get caught up  in the hype of child development and feel pressured to make your child into the smartest, fastest, super-baby out there. but when i start to feel that pressure, i remind myself that her and i are happier just letting her be herself, and develop at her own pace. there will be plenty of time for me to help her learn about language, music, art, and whatever other interests she may have; but for now my job is to let approval, joy, and love for her ooze out of me and into her innermost little person, and perhaps the development of confidence in that little person is just the development she needs right now.

tales from the thrift...

today i just happened to come across a little thrift shop that i had heard about before, but never actually visited. i could not just drive on, so despite my sleeping toddler i stopped, carefully placed her in the front carrier and tiptoed in, hoping she would continue to nap. she did.

although it was a wee bit overpriced (i still cannot get over how overpriced thrift stores are becoming!), i did manage to grab a dr. seuss and a sendzak book, as well as yards of amazing vintage material, including a silky lining material with ponies on it!! i was beyond excited. i explored the rest of the shop and then caught myself eavesdropping, accidentally, on one of the most interesting conversations i have heard in a while. the conversation was between two volunteers and one of the sale-persons working with them. i felt slightly guilty listening in, but just too drawn in and entertained that i could not stop. as i listened, and pretending to earnestly peruse the racks, i found myself becoming emotionally involved with the three women: relating to them, sympathizing with them, laughing with them, angry with them, even wanting to hug one of them. i wish i could bring myself to write about the conversation, but i feel it just is not my conversation to share with the entire world - i feel guilty enough about listening in on it. the conversation will not be forgotten any time soon, and i plan on returning to this new little treasure of a shop next week, anyone want to join me?

do you ever find yourself listening to the public conversations of others? do you ever wonder what people are thinking when they are listening to you?
the top photo is what we brought home... the other two are ones i sent to my husband, trying to convince him we needed them in our home. that typewriter almost made it home with me, if it hadn't been out of my price range.

do you thrift? do you have any items that you look specifically for? i am always on the hunt for cute vintage children's books and clothes, funky postcards, fabric, and unexpected little treasures that i just cannot bear to leave behind.

*all the above photos are from my iphone and edited using vsco cam.

two years ago...

wow, it is hard to believe that two years ago today we were married in the driveway of our home. the past two years have been perhaps my most favorite. making a home and a family with you has been full of adventures, and i don't think i could have dreamed of a better person to be married to. you are my perfect match. i love you.

the above photos were taken by the very lovely and talented patricia westfall. she captured us and our wedding day so well.

tonight we decided to have a very little and very spontaneous (read: last minute) party. a few friends and family members are stopping by for dinner and cake. in the next few days i will blog more about the details of our wedding celebration that took place two years ago, as well as some photos from our little shin-dig tonight.

yay for two awesome years and many more to come!
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