hello out there!?


yes. it has been a while. i know. i am horrible at keeping in touch. school and work together have taken up all my spare time, and at the end of the day i will always choose to cuddle with my husband and baby girl before blogging.

not that i don't like blogging. i do! i hope to be back to blogging once my school commitment is through. less than six weeks to go until i finally have my degree! it has taken way, too, too, long for this to happen. while i have been enjoying being a student, i will be happy to be taking a break and wearing one less hat, at least for a little while.

in the meantime, these are just some of the things i am dreaming of doing once i am finished my program:

  • knitting fuzzy little creatures for my little girl
  • mending a couple vintage dresses i have picked up and stashed away
  • planning a little vacation.. i am thinking of sunny california sometime next year.
  • reading just for my own enjoyment
  • a few diy home improvement projects - curtains, a coffee table, hanging things on walls! (exciting stuff folks!)
  • talking my husband into getting a puppy
  • really budgeting to pay off  a chunk of my student loan debt within the next year
  • dusting off a rosetta stone program that has been sitting around and learning spanish
  • blogging - duh!

big dreams here people. big ones! i can't wait to get back to this little blog. hugs to all those who continue to peek in on me!
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