hello again!

hi there, remember me? i am still here. there is soo much to tell you, but just not enough time. my days have been filled with lots of work, studying, baby loving, and getting to hang out like an adult with my very lovable husband (when we have a few spare minutes!)

i haven't forgotten about this blog, but i have been overwhelmed lately, and i have such high expectations for this little blog that i have a hard time just writing a quick post when i really want to write about sooo much... so nothing gets blogged about. then i feel bad, and weeks go by without posts.... all you bloggers and would-be-bloggers out there, do ya get this?

well, this is not really going to be a long post. there will be plenty of long posts to come in the next couple weeks, including a birth story, birthday photos, and much, much more. but no, this is going to be my first exercise in NOT writing a long post. my first time just taking five minutes to post a photo, something i came across, and a few small thoughts, because sometimes that is all you have time to share.

  • this article offers some interesting marriage advice. i am not sure if i agree with every bit of it, but it is worth reading. it gave me a bit to think about.
  •  this evening i made chloe and i homemade rice pudding with a creme brulee top and fresh berries, for dinner. i used this recipe that i came across on pinterest. it was just soo good. while we were enjoying our little dinner i had this thought....
  • i don't think i would have ever expected that i may have been waiting my entire life to be able to make rice pudding for my daughter for dinner. to watch her enjoy every little bite. to see her smile and play footsie with me while i rest my foot on her high-chair. 
  • i am now the mother of a one year old...

...a wonderful, beautiful, amazing one year old!

(if i do say so myself)
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