birth and tell?

while i was pregnant i read a good deal of mom blogs. i don't have many mom friends, and these blogs helped me, in a way, to prepare for motherhood. i read a gazillion birth stories on these mom blogs. home births, birth centers, hospitals, epidurals, natural births, cesarean births, hypno-birthing, water births... the list goes on. i read so many birth stories and found them all fascinating.

fast forward. just about an entire year has gone by since i gave birth. i now have my own little blog, and a tiny, but much loved, audience. i have thought about sitting down and writing out my birth story, not just for myself and for chloe, but to share on my blog as well. as one way of celebrating her first year. since others birth stories were so helpful and inspirational as i prepared for her arrival, i feel that sharing my own is now the natural thing to do.

i would be sharing an edited version with you. so much happens during childbirth, so many thoughts and emotions run through you. some of it is too personal to share, and there are some thing you don't want to know about! what do you think? wanna hear the pg version of chloe's birth? have you shared your birth story online? do you read birth stories? please feel free to post your thoughts, and even links to your birth story in the comments.

UPDATE: read all about it here - chloe's birth story.


  1. Your blog is lovely, Leah! I'm no where near this stage in my life, I'm only 21 and I'm about to move in with my long-term boyfriend and whilst this will be a huge part of our life one day, it isn't yet. Nonethless, I've been following blogs written by women who are married with children and I love nothing more than reading about raising a family and pregnancy and childbirth...I'm fascinated. And excited! Your blog makes me that little bit more excited and I have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy these earlier years, first!

    I will follow along on Bloglovin and look forward to your posts!

    1. Hi Flora! Thank you for your sweet words! Enjoy your early 20s! I am just about to turn 30, and I cannot say enough about how amazing my 20s were! i love being wife and chloe's mom, and i think that my fun-filled twenties were really important in me growing into a woman who wouldn't get overwhelmed and lost in those roles. yes, slow down and enjoy these years! i hope they are full of good things for you!

      thank you for reading my blog - i am humbled that i have such amazing readers.


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