i woke up this morning at one o'clock, four o'clock, and then again at 6 o'clock. when chloe started crying again at seven fifty-five, i turned off the baby monitor, and set an alarm on my phone for five minutes and closed my eyes. "does this make me a bad mother?" i wondered.

i got my pitiful mother booty out of bed three minutes later, retrieved my baby who was jumping in her crib, and started our day.

books. books. books. puffed pancake. baaah-na-na. baaaah-na-na. baaahh-na-NAH. sweep the floor. wipe the counter. it's the mickey mouse clubhouse! hot-dog! hot-dog! hot-dog! dance. dance. diaper change.

put that crazy woman back to bed!

i considered taking a nap also. then i mosied around my house. took a look outside. opened up all the blinds and windows. made a cup of coffee sludge. recipe as follows:

coffee sludge

  • 6 cups of water, because you are not going to drink an entire pot on your own.
  • 8-10 HEAPING tablespoons of your favorite dark roast ground coffee, because you forgot that you are not making a full pot for yourself.
  • once it has brewed you pour it into your favorite mug.
  • only to have coffee spilling down your counter because your favorite mug has suffered a crack. boo!
  • add in some almond milk, because you forgot to pick up creamer.

coffee sludge will do for today.

do i seem like i am in a little bit of a funk today? i am.

but it will get better. it must. today is too beautiful. this week is supposed to be filled with sunshine. i have lots of things to do. i am convinced the baby will wake up rested and not quite as wacky. i am convinced that before she does i can make myself resemble someone who showers regularly. i showered last night, but i just don't look fresh - do you know how that is? i am convinced today will be good.

today i am going to celebrate finishing the two classes i completed yesterday, and start working on two out of the five i have left. i am going to walk the two miles, on this beautiful april day, to target, and buy a duvet cover. i have it stuck in my head that a crisp, plain, white, duvet cover will change our lives. it's worth a shot. i am going to buy cold-cuts, pack us a picnic and eat at the park tonight with my little family.

happy monday friends! what does monday look like for you?


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