christian and i have not been on a date, without chloe, since she was born. we love having her with us. we would much rather take her with us when we go out. however, not all places that grown-ups go to are suitable for babies - and concerts or shows are one of those places. christian surprised me with tickets for WU LYF tonight and I am super excited. chloe should be asleep before we even leave and our baby-sitter is extremely trustworthy. hopefully it will be a good time for us to get out for a couple hours and relax without worrying too much. if you have not heard them yet, check them out:


to all of my momma and daddy readers, how long did it take you to feel comfortable going out on dates again without your little one? 


  • you work the weekend, take care of some very interesting people, remove pills from ears, go home and wonder how many interesting people you have met with "secrets" in their cavities that you were never made aware of...
  • you wish you didn't wonder about such things.
  • you just can't seem to get enough sleep.
  • you just NEED a cinnamon raisin bagel with honey-nut cream cheese - amen!
  •  you sit around kissing a baby because every time you do she giggles and giggles.
  • you work all day and night to write to perfect nursing research paper. you look up at your computer and realize it isn't there anymore. it vanished! it's just not there no-matter how much you look for it... and you never saved it... and you sit at your computer, just staring, staring blankly until it finally sets in that the paper you just spent six hours working on is gone.... forever. gone.
  • you need to cry.
  • you need someone to hug you, smooth your hair, and tell you it is okay.
  • you need to be reminded that you are only being graded on a paper, and not on life.
  • you contemplate wearing a plaid shirt with grey leopard print jeans...

  • you realize that some of the things you worry about in life are just silly.

goodnight folks!

a few photos from this past week

this week chloe and i had tons of momma-baby time. chris has been really busy with work and some very unfortunate work-related duties, leaving me to hold down the fort. while i have been soaking up as much of 11 months as possible before my baby girl turns a year old, and have made some HUGE progress in sleep training (someone, well actually two people are now sleeping through the night!!!), i am happy to have christian home for the next couple days. it should be quite a busy weekend for us. tomorrow we are planning on making an early morning trip to the hardware store to grab some supplies and work on a few projects. i have started two new classes this week and have two papers to write by sunday. oh yeah, and i work this weekend also! while it sounds like it is going to be a very packed few days, i am looking forward to grabbing tiny little breaks to enjoy my little family at home and being able to kiss my husband's stubbly cheek whenever i want.

most of the photos above are from instagram. do you instagram? look me up - i am missleahruth. it is so much fun checking out photos taken by others, and would love to creep on, i mean follow, you!

happy weekend everyone!

birth and tell?

while i was pregnant i read a good deal of mom blogs. i don't have many mom friends, and these blogs helped me, in a way, to prepare for motherhood. i read a gazillion birth stories on these mom blogs. home births, birth centers, hospitals, epidurals, natural births, cesarean births, hypno-birthing, water births... the list goes on. i read so many birth stories and found them all fascinating.

fast forward. just about an entire year has gone by since i gave birth. i now have my own little blog, and a tiny, but much loved, audience. i have thought about sitting down and writing out my birth story, not just for myself and for chloe, but to share on my blog as well. as one way of celebrating her first year. since others birth stories were so helpful and inspirational as i prepared for her arrival, i feel that sharing my own is now the natural thing to do.

i would be sharing an edited version with you. so much happens during childbirth, so many thoughts and emotions run through you. some of it is too personal to share, and there are some thing you don't want to know about! what do you think? wanna hear the pg version of chloe's birth? have you shared your birth story online? do you read birth stories? please feel free to post your thoughts, and even links to your birth story in the comments.

UPDATE: read all about it here - chloe's birth story.

chloe and me: etsy wish list

my little etsy wish list for chloe and me.

1. adorable sunglasses for both of us from tumbleweeds //  2. tiny handmade leather oxfords for her in many cute colors from goldenponies //  3. handmade leather brogues for me (i think they'd be perfect for spring and summer in a light brown) also from goldenponies  //  4. hand printed organic jersey tank top from thief & bandit  //  5. twirling dress for a little girl who will be twirling very soon also from thief & bandit  //  6. pale pink hand cut bead necklace - treat for mommas only! from a merry mishap.

** this post, and this blog, are not sponsored and i am not receiving anything for sharing these lovely items. also, all photos have been taken from the seller's etsy sites.


i woke up this morning at one o'clock, four o'clock, and then again at 6 o'clock. when chloe started crying again at seven fifty-five, i turned off the baby monitor, and set an alarm on my phone for five minutes and closed my eyes. "does this make me a bad mother?" i wondered.

i got my pitiful mother booty out of bed three minutes later, retrieved my baby who was jumping in her crib, and started our day.

books. books. books. puffed pancake. baaah-na-na. baaaah-na-na. baaahh-na-NAH. sweep the floor. wipe the counter. it's the mickey mouse clubhouse! hot-dog! hot-dog! hot-dog! dance. dance. diaper change.

put that crazy woman back to bed!

i considered taking a nap also. then i mosied around my house. took a look outside. opened up all the blinds and windows. made a cup of coffee sludge. recipe as follows:

coffee sludge

  • 6 cups of water, because you are not going to drink an entire pot on your own.
  • 8-10 HEAPING tablespoons of your favorite dark roast ground coffee, because you forgot that you are not making a full pot for yourself.
  • once it has brewed you pour it into your favorite mug.
  • only to have coffee spilling down your counter because your favorite mug has suffered a crack. boo!
  • add in some almond milk, because you forgot to pick up creamer.

coffee sludge will do for today.

do i seem like i am in a little bit of a funk today? i am.

but it will get better. it must. today is too beautiful. this week is supposed to be filled with sunshine. i have lots of things to do. i am convinced the baby will wake up rested and not quite as wacky. i am convinced that before she does i can make myself resemble someone who showers regularly. i showered last night, but i just don't look fresh - do you know how that is? i am convinced today will be good.

today i am going to celebrate finishing the two classes i completed yesterday, and start working on two out of the five i have left. i am going to walk the two miles, on this beautiful april day, to target, and buy a duvet cover. i have it stuck in my head that a crisp, plain, white, duvet cover will change our lives. it's worth a shot. i am going to buy cold-cuts, pack us a picnic and eat at the park tonight with my little family.

happy monday friends! what does monday look like for you?

Friday the 13th & Chicken Salad


so i have been a little quiet with the blogging lately. however, i did find time a couple weeks ago to record my first video blog post (vlog?). i don't know how i kept myself from posting it before today, but i knew that today would be perfect for it.

yeah, i was nervous while making this.

no, i don't take myself very seriously.


New Music: Yann Tiersen Skyline

did you fall in love with the music from the amelie soundtrack as soon as you heard it? i did. yann tiersen, the genius behind it, has a new release coming out the 17th of this month. from what i have already heard it sounds perfect for spring. so magical and light. i am also loving this quirky little video:


did you find yourself captivated by the jelly??? 

or I am the only one that could not take my eyes off it?

happy monday friends!
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