Uncle Bubby Came for Dinner

on monday night i worked from eleven at night until seven in the morning. i came home to my little toothy-smile-lady, fed her, dressed us both, and hit the road. we went to retrieve my favorite stethoscope (my mack-daddy littman cardiology III) that i left on a floor i worked on over the weekend, then made our way to target. me - sans sleep, a squealing baby, and a credit card have no business being in target. let me tell you. i bought grey leopard print jeans, baby clothes that aren't even really our style, candy, candy, candy, a dinosaur, puffs, and a few essentials for dinner.

 we tried to nap when we got home, but she had already made the most of her travel time by sleeping so that she would have energy to play with sleepless mommy... all afternoon....!!!! she loves me so much.

 my brother justin, who my family has lovingly referred to as "bubby" since he was a chubby little toddler, came to visit us for dinner last night. chloe hasn't seen uncle bubby since she was only a couple months old, so at first she was shocked...

when justin walked in the door she seemed excited and started to crawl, at super-speed, over him... justin responded to by dropping down and crawling to her... they crawled right up to each other.... justin gave her a peck on the cheek.... and.... she lost it. we think she may have thought justin was chris and then realized he wasn't. or maybe she was freaked out by justin being  like a really freaky tall bald mommy. either way, she got over her fear of tall uncle bubby very quickly, and by dinner time she only had eyes for him.

i made my favorite turkey-veggie-meatloaf, five-alarm wasabi mash potatoes (i discovered there IS such thing as too much wasabi), and honey glazed carrots. chris had brought us home a heavenly bit of stock's pound cake, which we stuffed ourselves fat with. as soon as justin left, i finally went to bed. it wasn't even nine o'clock, but i had been up since sunday, so i was exhausted... exhausted, happy, and feeling fat!


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