This Week...

i was on break from school. i hardly worked at the hospital at all, and i stayed home most of the week getting much accomplished. So, what did we do???  

  • i got chloe on a slightly better nap schedule (from one, one-two hour nap a day, to two, closer-to-two hour naps each day). 
  • i caught up on my sleep too!
  •  i did some serious cleaning, scrubbing, and organizing around the house (while i try to keep the place tidy every day, the serious cleaning usually needs to wait until i can commit  some serious time).  
  • i got caught up on Downton Abbey.
  • i started sewing chloe a spring wardrobe.
  • i studied for the CCRN... critical care registered nurse certification... uggghhh.
  • i wore fake lashes around the house for the hey of it.
  • i dreamed of having another baby.
  • i attempted making pizza... again. and was reminded by my husband that i am never, NEVER, under any circumstances, to make pizza.... again.
  • chloe got her first tooth! finally.
  • and chris worked.... someone has to!

i had originally imagined getting out of the house more during this break (making a trip to the King of Prussia mall to window shop, and more importantly visiting some friends i haven't seen in too long), but it was good to just spend quality time at home with chris and chloe... especially since they weren't feeling too great last weekend.

somewhere during the middle of the week i realized that this would be my life if i weren't going to school full-time. i dreamed about how sweet it will be when i am no longer spreading myself thinly between work, school, and family. i regretted not staying in school and finishing before i had chloe. i texted chris and told him how i would give anything to just be a stay-at-home mom, something i never thought i would want for myself.

i love my work. i love being a nurse. it is not only what i do for money, but it has permeated parts of my being. i never want to leave nursing, and i have always dreamed of advancing my career doing what i love, while still being able to spend big chunks of time at home with my family. nursing is great to me as a mom. even when i worked full-time i was only at work for three nights during the week, and now i usually work two nights while chloe and chris sleep.

chris reminded me that i won't always be a student, and one day soon this will all pay off. being able to send chloe to a good school, being able to work a lot less and make just as much money, being able to stay at home with the next baby full-time, having more autonomy in my nursing practice... the future is full... and it is here with each passing day...

oh yeah, almost forgot...

 i made a blog!


  1. yea!, I am your very first comment. welcome to the's a shame you're arriving as I seriously contemplate leaving :)


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