Photos, teeth, rasins, and more to come...

spring has come to philly! we have been busy soaking up the daylight and warmth. we have been going on walks every day, making many trips to the park, and chloe has learned the joy that is a swing. it is so much fun to see her little face smile as she dangles her little legs which are starting to look more and more toddler-like... and less and less like the rolly baby ones i used to chew on. she squeals as she glides through the air... and it is so terribly delightful that i need to stop myself from squealing along.

 she has been a little fussier and more clingy than she ever is - she is usually very content to play on her own and is always on the go. we think she may be cutting more teeth.... ugghh those teeth! she only has two at the minute, but ever since she got them she has been biting, and let me tell you, they are sharp! but they are also adorable, and if you are her momma, and if you ask her to let you kiss those teeth, she will smile her two-toothed smile big until you kiss her pink slimy bottom lip!  

while the teeth are painful, and as a mom it is horrible to see your baby unhappy... it is very sweet to have her cuddle into your arm and put her chubby little cheek on your shoulder. why is it that happy healthy babies don't seem to cuddle as much as cranky sad ones? it is one of the great dichotomies of motherhood.

she has been exploring more and while she loves exploring every nook of the house that is her terrain, she especially loves the kitchen and bathroom parts. oh, the pots and pans, tampons and toilet-paper - these are her favorites. however, as of late, you will often see her carrying around a random object, usually a toy, as she adventures through the house. the object changes day to day, and you never know what it will be... one day a stuffed monkey, and the next day a bag of raisins.... yes raisins.

i have not forgotten about this little blog... and once i am caught up on my homework, i have a few posts already in mind... including a couple video posts, recipes, and crafts! yes, lots of good things to come! but for now, oh, right now i have the cutest raisin-toting baby climbing my leg, with cheeks just begging to be chewed on.... and a few papers to write.


  1. Oh, the bebes! They don't stay little long. How many times have you heard that?! Before long, you'll wonder if there's anything she can't do!


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