Meatloaf Royale!

so, this is my first food post. i preface this saying, i am not a good cook.

you are probably thinking right now, "then why are you doing a food post?"

well, wise guy, i am doing, and will do more food posts to show you that even bad cooks like me can put together something edible. even when they are home alone with no one to cook for. even when there is not a whole lot in the fridge. even when you don't have but ten minutes.

so there!

this meal was inspired by this post, and you can read more about weenie royale here. this is my take on this make-shift meal, using left-over turkey-veggie meatloaf in place of hot-dogs. however, if i had hot-dogs around i would have used them.

so, this meal is soooo easy! i made some brown rice, re-heated my meatloaf, fried an egg, put it all in a bowl and splashed some soy sauce over it. i could have gone a bit crazy and added some sriracha as well, because almost everything is a bit better with sriracha, no?

i tend to make spicier, easier meals when my husband is working. i will often break out some soup i bought from trader joes, doctor it up a bit and throw it over rice. it's easy, involves little clean-up, is more filling than a bowl of cereal, and healthier than a bowl ice cream. one of my recent trader joe favs is the lentil soup. joes recipe has a bunch of whole grains and flax seeds in it. for those of you scared of flax - i call you cowards and dare you to try this soup! it is thick, and delicious, and you can throw it on top of rice and add a fried egg to it... as well as some sriracha!
i am feeling the need to conclude this post as it is becoming silly, and i can't have that happening!

conclusion: tonight i ate meatloaf royale. i like fried eggs. i love sriracha. give flax a try.


  1. Oh but you are a good cook. Meatloaf Royalle is a triumph. It takes available materials, a small amount of time, various textures and flavors, and becomes a complete meal ideally suited to your taste and busy lifestyle. Brilliant!


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